An article by the International Bladder Cancer Group (IBCG) – of which Dr. Joan Palou is a member – will serve as a guide for the US FDA agency for future studies focusing on patients who fail treatment with BCG.

The article “BCG-unresponsive non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: recommendations from the IBCG” signed by the 11 IBCG experts, classifies NMIBC patients depending on the type of failure to BCG treatment to later decide how to proceed.

Dr. Joan Palou has won the Platinum Award granted by the European Urology magazine (official publication of the European Association of Urology), also known as “The platinum journal”. This award recognizes the great contribution, dedication and collaboration shown by Dr. Palou, as author and reviewer of this magazine that has become one of the most prestigious in urology worldwide.

Fundació Puigvert is the first and only center in Spain that uses virtual reality simulators in the teaching of urology through the training project for professionals “Urotraining Simulation” which was launched a few months ago. With this technology, the manipulation of the instruments is exactly the same as in a real surgery but without risks and, in addition, the errors made and the time spent can be measured.

The use of this technology represents an outstanding improvement in the surgeons’ learning, it increases their confidence level and avoids risks in the surgeries.

So far, there are many professionals who have been trained with this method, which is an advance compared to the learning techniques used previously.