Commercial exhibition

Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to announce Fundació Puigvert’s 55th Urology Course, which will be held on 17, 18 and 19 October 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center Hotel. The success of past meetings, which have attracted a large number of registered participants, is certainly our best cover letter.

As in previous editions, it is our aim to help to disseminate the latest medical and technological innovations in the field. During the morning sessions, live surgeries will be performed by prominent national and international professors. In the afternoon, lectures and discussions will take place on the most up-to-date topics relevant to all units of our Urology Department (Oncological Urology, Reconstructive and General Urology, Female and Pelvic Floor Urology, Lithiasis Urology, Paediatric Urology and the Kidney Transplant Surgical Team).

We will be very happy if you are able to join us on this 2018 Course. We are at your disposal to discuss sponsorship opportunities. To arrange an interview, please contact Dolors Guart (Technical Secretariat) at or +34 93 4169732.

Very best regards,

Dr. Joan Palou
Director of the Urology Department

General information

17, 18 and 19 October 2018

Course venue:

Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center
Av. Rius i Taulet, 1‐3
08004 Barcelona, Spain

Course organiser:

Urology Department
Fundació Puigvert


Dolors Guart
Technical Secretariat

Exhibition Floorplan

Exhibition Area Activites
As the surgical session is continuous, a coffee service will be available throughout the day in the exhibition area.
From 12 noon to 3 PM a buffet lunch will also be available.
Exhibition opening hours during the Course:

Wednesday, 17 October

8.00 AM – 7.00 PM

Thursday, 18 October

8.30 AM – 7.00 PM

Friday, 19 October

8.30 AM – 16.45 PM

Exhibition Terms & Conditions
  • Platinum:

    6 metres long by 2 metres wide. Maximum height 2.5 metres.

  • Gold/Silver:

    3 metres long by 2 metres wide. Maximum height 2.5 metres.


From Monday 15 October 2018, from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Shipments Address:
Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center Av. Rius i Taulet, 1‐3
08004 Barcelona, Spain

All shipments must be perfectly identified with a visible label indicating the following information:

Exhibitor Company Name
Vivaldi Room A+B
Number of Booth
Number of packages sent
Important Note:

The hotel will NOT accept materials sent before Monday, October 15.


Build-up schedule: Tuesday October 16 from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
Pull-out schedule: Friday October 19 from 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM.

  • The hotel does not have a specific carriage service for the purpose of build-up. During the pull-out day, all materials should be removed from the exhibition area and each company must arrange their own shipment service
  • During the build-up period, open days and the pull-out period, exhibitors must not undertake any activities that could cause damage to the exhibition building (e.g. walls or floors) or to any part of the fixtures and fittings or the structure of the hotel
  • On Saturday, October 20 from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM, all materials should be removed. Shipments must be perfectly identified and deposited in the warehouse. NO material will be allowed to be left inside the Crowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center Hotel after this time
  • The hotel does not have a specific booth cleaning service. If such cleaning is required, it should be contracted separately
  • Any services that would entail additional extra energy consumption, technical service for carriage of goods or special fitting must be previously and separately contracted
  • No emergency exits, air conditioning or fire points may be blocked
  • Booth equipment and stand-fitting materials should not exceed the perimeter or the height of the exhibition space. No decoration or installation that may offend other exhibitors is allowed
  • It is forbidden to conduct any form of advertising through loudspeakers. Distribution of brochures and samples will only be allowed within the limits of your exhibition space
  • It is forbidden to stick any type of material on the floor or to place posters on the columns or on any other surface of the hotel
  • It is forbidden to cause any damage to the exhibition building: it is forbidden to paint, drill or screw into the structural elements or to drill into the flooring or to fix elements onto it using contact glue or similar
  • In the event that bulky equipment or machinery is to be exhibited in the space, the Technical Secretariat must be informed in advance in order to confirm that access will be possible and to study the most suitable route of access
  • The use of flammable liquids or gases or other flammable substances is prohibited
  • The operation of any type of machine that releases fumes, gases or vapours is not allowed
  • The use of vehicles or lift trucks of any type is prohibited within the exhibition area. The use of hand trolleys in good condition, as well as wheelbarrows, is allowed; both must have rubber wheels

Security Measures
  • The hotel will not be held responsible for any loss, deterioration in condition or damage of objects, equipment, materials or valuables which are left in the room/s, unless prior written agreement has been expressly reached concerning vigilance or custody of the items
  • It is suggested that all exhibitors who will have some type of valuable material on their booths organise their own insurance cover for that material
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the materials of their booths during the build-up period, open days and the pull-out period
  • Crowne Plaza Barcelona Hotel – Fira Center and the Technical Secretariat are not responsible for theft or robbery

Important Notes
  • In order to avoid time clashes with the official programme, the Course Organisation would appreciate being informed of any activities, such as exhibitions and group meetings, that are being programmed outside the exhibition area by the exhibiting companies
  • The Course Organisation reserves the right to restrict, at any time, any exhibition material or activity that it deems to be inappropriate, undesirable or in conflict with the professionalism of the Course. If any action of this kind proves necessary, the Organisation will not be responsible for the money invested by the affected company
  • The Technical Management of the Exhibition reserves the right to modify or alter the exhibition spaces for reasons of force majeure or security
  • The Course Organisation reserves the right to postpone the Course or to shorten or prolong its duration for reasons beyond its control for operational or organisational reasons or owing to circumstances of force majeure. Such circumstances will not allow exhibitors to terminate their contract or demand compensation for damages